Human Resources Management


Human Resources

  • Assessment and Development Centers
  • HR Organizational Design
  • HRM Outsourcing
  • HR Audit
  • Human Resource Strategic Excellence Framework
  • The recruitment Center

-  The most valuable resources a company has are the people working for it. Within these people lie the talents, knowledge, skills, creativity, and energy required for a business to succeed. As a field of business, Human Resources was understood to be about how to hire, train individuals and methods of increasing of personnel dynamics. However, with a growing focus on human capital, the field of Human Resources has since expanded to include the overall management and maintenance of the people in an organization. Managing people and their skills is a challenging and rewarding process that will lead to strategic improvements in how a company does business, thus improving capability and profitability. This could be through the following strategy,


  • Assessment and Development Centers

It is a method of evaluating candidates using standardized techniques under controlled conditions. These techniques offer a real-life dimension to the selection process. Moreover, an Assessment and Development Center is a comprehensive evaluation approach that allows candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a range of situations.


  • HR Organizational Design


  • Our consultants bring the experience and best practices required to facilitate organizational design and development. A functional approach coupled with senior, strategic expertise provides a planning approach that encompasses all critical aspects of an organization. We work with you to recognize business priorities and factors affecting your long-term business objectives, and to provide you with specific recommendations to align your human resources strategies with your overall business strategy.


  • HRM Outsourcing


- In today’s dynamic employment market, all employers must search for ways to reduce costs while maintaining or improving functionality. IICT provides employers the opportunity for improving HR performance through HR Outsourcing. We offer an array of Human Resource Management solutions designed to reduce the costs of traditional human resource models, while providing the highest quality HR outsourcing services. Lower costs and better HR results make a winning combination.


- When choosing to outsource a function as critical as human resources, we realize that trust is a critical factor. We feel that by choosing IICT, you will be adding value and saving cost. We will quickly learn your objectives and establish a plan that will meet those objectives. We will design an exit strategy, so that should you choose to internalize your HR function again, the transition will be as seamless as possible.


Moreover, HRM is the perfect solution for employers who don’t have an HR department or who need additional employment expertise to maintain regulatory compliance. We’ll help you update and prepare:


  • Personnel Policy and Procedure Documentation
  • Performance Management Guidelines
  • Disability Assessments
  • Management Training on Compliance Requirements
  • Personnel Documentation Development and Management, Recruit to Termination


  • HR Audit


Our confidential audit/assessment process includes interviewing senior managers, conducting focus groups and attitudinal surveys, reviewing policies and procedures, and assessing internal records, employment data, resources, staffing and processes.


As we help organizations get the answers to these fundamental questions:


·      How effective is your organization at maximizing the contribution of your human capital?


·      Why is one or more of your organization’s strategic initiatives languishing?


·      What steps can you take today, using existing internal resources, to improve your organizations performance and ROI?


  • Human Resource Strategic Excellence Framework


  • This step goes beyond isolated improvements in HR practices, HR measures, or HR strategies. HR strategic excellence means integrating strategic business partnership, HR organization design, decision-driven measures and data, and a deep understanding of how to compete for and with critical strategic talent. It rests on skillful decisions made for enhancing the evaluation of human capital where it matters the most. The achieving of HR strategic excellence will be include:


  • Defining HR purposes, principles and boundaries using a human capital decision science
  • Segmentation: learning where human capital matters the most
  • Advancing the HR profession: talent management for HR
  • Combining synergy and efficiency: balancing outsourcing and in-sourcing
  • Beyond Program Delivery: building centers of expertise on analysis, insight and collaboration
  • Applying organization design principles to build a balanced strategic HR function